Small Business Owners Should Never Use a Business Plan!

They should all use a Multi-level Action Plan or MAP

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Congratulations! You’re going to go into business for yourself! You’ve spent hours thinking about the results. But have you thought about how you’re going to achieve them?

The keys to your success are clarity, structure, and most importantly, planning. This book will introduce the BizCube Paradigm ©, a way of visualizing what makes up your business.

It’s the BizCube© that will give you the clarity to see the functions of your business so that you understand and can plan out the steps you need to take to be successful.

With good planning, you can mitigate the risks that are inherent in starting a small business.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail."

Ben Franklin

Why Planning Is Important

In 40 years of business ownership we have only written a business plan once. We used it to make a presentation to a banker for an SBA loan.

For all the other businesses we’ve started, weve always built a Multi-level Action Plan.

That way we would know:

- Where we were starting from.

- Where we were going to.

- Have we achieved our progress benchmarks?

And if something changed and we needed to make a quick adjustment to our business, we could do it without creating a major problem for the business.

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Steve Chapman has worked in advertising account management, marketing management, business management and has owned several businesses. He is a talented and creative problem solver with an ability to contribute fresh perspectives to the processes of resolving business challenges.

Paula Chapman has worked in sales and sales management and was recognized as national retail sales representative while at Microsoft Corp. She has an ability to understand and organize business processes and to effectively enroll participation in companywide change.

Together, they have run several businesses, including one which is active today.

I’ll never forget the time we walked into a meeting with a prospective new client. These folks had been in business for about ten years. They’d asked us to meet with them to discuss how they were going to expand their business quickly so they could afford to hire their son now that he was finished with college. I asked to see their business plan for the year, and everyone went silent. Now, this was a fair-sized operation with over 30 employees.

The owner pulled out a dusty 3-ring notebook and set it on the table. “Is that going to tell me where the company is and what opportunities you’re looking at this year?” I asked. "No" was the answer I got.

A few minutes at the white board and a dozen questions later, we had collectively created a current overview. The owners asked what was that? I said, “We now have the start of an Action Plan. We know where we are. Now let’s figure out where we want to be.” He said” It can’t be that simple.” I said, “Do you want to make more complicated?”

Here's The Solution

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Most small business owners are too busy to write or even fill out a formal business plan document. It’s not like you can hand off the work to someone else.

If you take the time to build a business plan, a week later the business situation is often changed. There isn't time to re-write a document that’s just collecting dust on a shelf in the owner’s home office.

What YOU, small business owner, needs is a living document that everybody involved in the business should be able to see at any time. It needs to be a visual reference, a MAP if you will. This planning system needs to be easy to understand and fluid as the business situation changes.


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Thinking About Tomorrow - A Practical Guide For Planning For Small Business

We’ve taken this part of our overall Essential Guide that focuses on just the Action Planning process. We call it “Thinking Beyond Tomorrow – A Practical Guide to Planning For Small Businesses” This valuable workbook is just $14.95. This is immediately downloadable from our website. You can use it over and over to provide your business with a current and up-to-date Action Plan.

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The Thinking Beyond Tomorrow Multi-Level Action Plan

A complete business overview planning document in just 8 pages!

Print out a new fillable document for easy updates to keep up with changes in your business. Share it with your family, banker, and new employees to help build support for your business direction.

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While most people are still trying to figure out what they’re going to do in these turbulent economic times you can use this simple yet effective planning system to get your business moving in the right direction. Buy your copy today and get back on the road to financial security!

Our Guarantee!

We know that you will find "Thinking Beyond Tomorrow" so valuable, we are offering a 100% money back guarantee! If you let us know why you are unhappy we will refund your money.

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