Finally, a route to financial security in these uncertain times. Our 5 steps will show you how to start a business, guaranteed!

Right now, you’re probably struggling to find out how to provide a way to breathe easier. Our lack of knowledge led to a trial and error education over 25 years. We made the same mistakes you’re probably making. We’ve had our share of trouble, including losing our retirement account and filing for personal bankruptcy. But over those 25 years we’ve come up with 5 steps that you must KNOW in order to build a business and a sustainable financial future. Once we understood what we had been doing wrong, we put ourselves on a path to 15 years of success which continues to this day.

Let's Talk About Financial Freedom

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Hi, I’m Steve Chapman. Along with my wife Paula, I run a successful small business that came out of the ashes 15 years ago. But it wasn’t easy to get to this point.

Our book, The 5 Steps to Starting A Successful Business- A Roadmap to Financial Security, will guide you through the most important aspects of organization, where to look for startup capital, and how to get yourself into action marketing your business. You’ll find practical advice geared towards starting a business with little money or little time. And you’ll be able to see your idea for a business from a totally new point of view.


“Know before you start”. So many people, who decide they are going to start a business of their own, just jump in with little to no practical knowledge or experience.

So, you’ve got an idea for a business. Your first step is to clearly define the parts that will make up the foundation on which you will build your business:

Understand the four parts and how they create the integrated whole we call a business.

Begin by talking about your idea with friends and family, asking them to give you honest feedback. Any criticism at this stage is very useful and you must listen to and consider it. The more weaknesses you can find in your idea the better chance you have of fixing them and creating a successful business.

When it comes to financing a new business venture the last place to look for money today is at the bank. So, the first thing that needs to be done is to give a long hard look at just what it is you need to get into the business.

This book is an easy to use tutorial for achieving your goal of a sustainable business. We’ve shared our Steps with people who have had the same results as we did. Here are some of their comments.

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Linda Y.

"Changes in our market forced us to find a new business model that was capable of carrying us forward. With the help of this book we laid out a new direction and organizational structure that allowed us to capitalize on the growing medical transcription business. The result was we took our tiny and unprofitable secretarial business and changed it into a $12 million dollar a year transcription business."

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Scott F.

"My business vision was dazed and confused. It went in too many directions and was blurry. The DIYBusinessClasses book helped me find clarity and focus. I highly recommend buying it if your business vision could use a little sharpening and if you’re looking for some creative ideas to help move your business in a positive direction."

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Michael C.

"Paula and Steve know small business and how to help them grow. They are always a pleasure to deal with and have great follow through. They helped solve a problem that I had been working on for 2 years. Their book is well worth buying."


We are so certain that if you follow this 5-step approach you will have a business up and running in 90 days OR we will refund your money!

These are the same principles we have followed for the last 15 years that have enabled us have an income and not struggle to make ends meet.

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We want you to succeed, so for a limited time we're including:

A two-hour personalized video call answering your specific questions about your business.

Remember, we are so certain That if you follow this 5-step approach you will have a business up and running in 90 days OR we will refund your $14.95!

Don’t be one of the 9 out of 10 business owners that FAIL! Buy this book today! Learn what you need to know to become that one success out the ten who start. Get your copy of The 5 Steps to Starting A Successful Business - A Roadmap to Financial Security and find your route to success!

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need more help?

If you are interested in learning about all four functional areas of your business, and how to improve, you may want to look at our "Essential Guide to Starting and Running a Successful Business"

5 Steps to Starting A Successful Business

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